Drawing Larger and Without Fear

published5 months ago
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Hello fellow artist,

Yesterday I clipped an image to my reference collection. It was sudden and instinctual. Something immediately called me to "take it and save it".

It was a beautiful large scale drawing by artist Olivia Kemp.

My thought: I could never do something like this.

Damn it! I hate that thought. Because it's not true. Sure, I can't draw like her, but I can draw big, or at least bigger than I have been drawing until now, I just gotta find the courage.

My large multimedia block is accusingly bending onto itself because I can't seem to take a sheet from it and make a bad (big) drawing. I'm terrified.

But there is a possibility. I see it clearly, where I rip a page from the block and while other people are facing their creative fears, or giving into that flowy state, I am doing it too. I will draw.

Co-creation sessions in Patreon have shown me how this mysterious energy propels me into completing drawings.

Last Saturday, I completed four landscapes. I did not stop to ponder or distract myself with my phone. I drew because other people were drawing too. We checked mid-way and we both had filled our paper. We kept going.

Four Oil Pastel Drawing by Luisa F. Nino

So during the In Flow Art Residency I plan to complete at least one large drawing (large scale for me, 11" x 17"). I will follow some advice from different workshops I've taken and build it little by little until I'm done.

What would you do? What has been in your mind for a while waiting for the "right" time, materias or skills? What can help you s go full-on studio artist for three weeks?

This large drawing isn't something I will do in a day. I'm preparing myself mentally for this. But I have gathered the tools, and I'm looking forward to the companionship of other artists.

There are still three places left for the pilot offer.
I would love to have you.
(You will be notified when it runs again though, rest assured)

Do you have a project, or an idea that needs some focus and collective energy?

Talk to you soon!


P.S. Olivia Kemp's Drawings (jaw drop).

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