The sky is white as clay

published4 months ago
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Hello there,

On a particular Sunday morning, I was looking at some Matisse images.

Boris was sleeping on the couch.

My husband was reading an actual print newspaper beside the window.

We were listening to old French songs.

Outside it was pouring rain. There were the remnants of sliced grapefruit we'd had for breakfast and a lingering scent of crêpes.

We were still in PJs, and we had no plans for the day except to do a bit of housecleaning. But this picture of the three of us went into the journal.

There are some moments that we can effortlessly remember. We don't have to photograph, draw or paint them all the time.

March was long and busy.

I woke up today with a torrent of words.

I'm building my artist website, and had been mulling over how to describe my work.

Looking at the drawings on the wall, I expect them to speak to me, to tell me: look we are about ________

But they remain silent like saying, hey, what do you want from us? We're just here, getting some sunlight.

Artwork taped with washi tape on a wall
March-April Studio Wall

Recently, I had a brief feedback session with a Concordia University professor. We were encouraged to choose only five pieces to show and not explain anything, maybe an overall theme but allow the person offering feedback to tell you what they saw.

It was mind-blowing. This professor saw things and mentioned dozens of elements that I couldn't pinpoint myself. In the end, she said: do you have any questions?

And I just whispered: I guess one: are my drawings interesting?

And she remained quiet for a second, and she said: absolutely yes. Oh yes. She said: I urge you to explore scaling up. Draw bigger. I see these bigger.

It was a conversation that I needed so badly. I'm grateful beyond words because, without feedback, we are advancing a bit blindly. Judging our work from one point of view and tinged mainly by comparison or our beliefs on what our work should look like or do.

When it was over, I came downstairs, and since my husband was out, I jumped up and down in front of Boris: I'm an artist! At last! I am!

I know this sounds silly. The second you start making art consistently, you should call yourself an artist, but for me, I was still doubtful.

Some habits are impossible to shed.

As the first quarter of 2021 comes to an end, where are you in your art?

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