The Studio Chronicles by Luisa

Neocolors, Notion and Museum Visits

published20 days ago
2 min read
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Sketchbook with landscapes in wax pastels
Luisa in her studio

Dance Writing or Dance Drawing?

published2 months ago
3 min read

Oil Pastel Freedom is Available!

published3 months ago
1 min read

Am I sure? - August Edition

published4 months ago
3 min read
Destop easel with open sketchbook

Two years of tiny gatherings

published6 months ago
2 min read

Is May the Month Where Everything Shifts?

published7 months ago
3 min read

Studido Chronicles - Grounding Oneself

published9 months ago
3 min read

A Month of Watercolour + Workshop

published10 months ago
3 min read

What's Next for Flowarte 🎨

published12 months ago
5 min read

Dreaming of Change

publishedabout 1 year ago
4 min read

Visual Artist with a penchant for poetry and comics Love: oil pastels and gouache I write about creative process, love of drawing and share lots of inspiring findings. Subscribe to get the monthly letter. Visit my website:

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